Cerebral Palsy Treatment Programme Using Professor Kozyavkin Method

General Course Information
The Course “Cerebral Palsy Treatment Programme Using Professor Kozyavkin Method” has been developed specifically for training medical professionals who will be enrolled in the joint projects for the implementation of the Professor Kozyavkin Method in the other countries. The Course will be administered by the Training and Certification Centre, which operates in Ukraine as part of the International Clinic of Rehabilitation (Truskavets, Ukraine). For the students of the Course, the Centre has developed a special training programme, which will be taught in remote and on-site mode.
Course Goals and Objectives
The main goal of this Course is to provide medical professionals with theoretical background and practical skills associated with the medical technique known as Multicomponent Treatment Method for Patients with Cerebral Palsy Using the Professor Kozyavkin Method
Who is this course for?
The course is designed only Physical Therapists who will work in clinics accredited by the International Clinic of Rehabilitation in other countries.
Requirements to potential learners:
  • Availability of appropriate education and qualifications in particular Physical Therapist
  • English language proficiency not lower than B1
  • Availability of an employment contract with one of the accredited medical institutions administering the Professor Kozyavkin Method.
The course description
The basic course includes theoretical and practical parts.
The first theoretical part usually takes 3 weeks and includes online lectures and presentations according to the schedule.
Before each lecture, students shall independently familiarize themselves with provided methodological materials and recommended academic and scientific publications, and be prepared to participate in the discussion.
Practical training – introduction to diagnostic and medical process based on Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic. Attendance of medical briefings, trainings and practical skills during the rehabilitation process, with the subsequent passing of the exam.
Only the students who have successfully completed the theoretical part, passed tests, and demonstrated a clear understanding of the Professor Kozyavkin Method could be admitted to the practical part of the Course. Practical training course takes 2 weeks.
Theoretical part includes:
Bloc 1. Professor Kozyavkin’s Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation Method (INRS).
Bloc 2. Anatomical and physiological features during maturation of organs and systems in healthy children. Perinatal lesions of the nervous system.
Bloc 3. Cerebral palsy. Congenital abnormalities of the nervous system. Autism. ADHD. Rehabilitation techniques for patients with chronic CNS diseases.  
Bloc 4. The complex of main and additional medical rehabilitation activities in INRS.
Bloc 5. Motivational aspects of INRS rehabilitation.

Practical part includes:
During the practical part of the training course, students get acquainted with main departments of Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic and practice in:
• conducting II level of diagnostic screening;
• performing a special massage system;
• the basics of mobilizing gymnastics;
• peripheral joints mobilization;
• performing of orofacial massage;
• mechanotherapy;
• correcting gait on a treadmill;
• computer game therapy;
• vibrotherapy.
Total duration of the course is 5 weeks.
Theoretical part of the course is provided online and lasts 2 weeks. Total amount of learning time is 24 hours.
Practical part is provided in the Training and Certification Centre of the International Clinic of Rehabilitation (Truskavets, Ukraine)  and lasts 3 weeks. Total amount of practice time is 72 hours.
Examination and Certification
After completing the course and passing the exam successfully, students will receive a certificate from Training and Certification center according to the relevant program, with expiration date with a specified time and with possibility of its renewal. Certified specialists will be credited to the Single Register of Certified Professionals by Professor Kozyavkin’s Method. They will get an opportunity to improve their qualifications and pass the next certification in the established terms, like all the other certified professionals based on the Center for Training and Certification. 

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